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Character name: Pete Hornberger
Age: 30ish
Occupation: Writer
Appears in episode(s): Black Tie, Jack the Writer, Greenzo, Cooter, and many others
Played by: Scott Adsit

Character and plot connections: Good friend of Liz Lemon and producer of TGS. Pete is married, although he lived with Liz for a short time. Later it was found that he was using Liz's apartment to "cheat" with his wife. They have four sons, but Pete has had a vasectomy which he didn't tell his wife about. He plays the straight man to most other characters and according to Liz, he hates "everybody...especially Frank"

Character name: TooferAge: 33
Occupation: Staff writer for TGS
Appears in episode(s):Jack-tor, The Break Up, Secrets and Lies, and many others
Played by: Keith Powell

Character and plot connections: James "Twofer" Spurlock is Tracy's African American foil. He is everything Tracy is not - intelligent, educated and well mannered. He shares an office with Frank, who is also very different from. He is straight-laced but not above hanging out with the rest of the TGS staff. He gets his nickname from the fact that he is "two for one" - a black man and a Harvard man. In Secrets and Lies, he and Frank dressed like one another to freak everyone out.

Character name: Frank Rossitano
Age: 30s
Occupation: Staff Writer for TGS
Appears in episode(s): Secrets and Lies, Jack-tor, Goodbye My Friend
Played by: Judah Friedlander

Character and plot connections: Frank is the most distinctive of the staff writers at TGS with his trademark trucker caps and large glasses. His trucker caps always have silly slogans or comments like "Karate Sluts", "Mystery Solver" and "Cool as Ice." He was originally hired when he wrote a complaint letter to The Insane Girl Show which was accidentally delivered to The Girlie show. Liz mistook it as a comedy piece and hired him. He lives with his mother and his dad is a Mafia lawyer who is hiding in Arizona. He shares an office with Toofer who is his friend but also his nemisis. In Secrets and Lies, they dress like one another to freak everyone out.

Character name: CerieAge: early 20s
Occupation: Liz's Assistant
Appears in episode(s): The Baby Show, Greenzo
Played by: Katrina Bowden

Character and plot connections: She is the constant butt of Liz's jokes because she's pretty. She often assumes, incorrectly, that Liz has been married. She wears revealing clothing despite Liz's requests that she tone down her look. all in all, she's a bad assistant because she is lazy. She shares a one-sided flirtation with Kenneth, who is too naive to understand her interest. During "The Baby Show" Cerie reveals she has become engaged to a man named Aris even though they've only known each other a short time. She makes it clear that she wants to marry early and marry rich.

Character name: Dot Com
Age: 30s
Occupation: Driver/cook
Appears in episode(s): Greenzo, The Rural Juror, Hardball and many more
Played by: Kevin Brown

Character and plot connections: Part of Tracy's two-man posse. Dot Com is generally more level headed than Grizz and especially Tracy. He tries to talk them out of most of their major undertakings, or at least refuses to participate himself. He used to be part of Phil Spector's crew.

Character name: GrizzAge: 30s
Occupation: Money manager
Appears in episode(s): Greenzo, The Rural Juror, Hardball and many more
Played by: Grizz Chapman

Character and plot connections: The other part of Tracy's two-man posse. Grizz is considered to be more naive and excitable than his counterpart Dot Com. He was in the Navy and is "obsessed with telecommunications" according to Tracy. During Kenneth's party in the episode Greenzo, he may or may not have slept with Liz. Whatever they did, it made him cry.

Dr. Leo Spaceman
Character name: Dr. Leo Spaceman
Occupation: Jack and Tracy's doctor
Appears in episode(s): The Baby Show, Jack Gets in the Game, Succession, Retreat to Move Forward and many more.
Played by: Chris Parnell

Character and plot connections: Dr. Spaceman is wildly unethical and incompetent. He got his medical degree from Ho Chi Minh City School of Medicine. Among some of his more dangerous medical advice is advising Jenna to use crystal meth to lose weight and not knowing where the heart is.


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